Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available!

The Consumer Preview of Windows 8 is available for download. This release is the first official Windows 8 build drop from Microsoft since the Developer Preview, which was released last September. This was downloaded quite rapidly, surpassing the 500,000 downloads mark within 24 hours of release, and the 3 million mark by December, so I would expect this to surpass that easily.

If you are like me and ready to jump on the download follow the links below. I was able to download at a pretty good speed so I know Microsoft is ready for this Smile

[Official Links from Microsoft]

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview (64-bit)
Sha 1 hash — 1288519C5035BCAC83CBFA23A33038CCF5522749

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview (32-bit)
Sha 1 hash — E91ED665B01A46F4344C36D9D88C8BF78E9A1B39

You can follow some live feeds from the MWC here:

Jason Condo
Principal Consultant – Systems Management

One thought on “Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available!

  1. Engadget has a nice write-up here: Also, ArsTechnica has a quick note here: that includes a link to the web-based Windows 8 downloader and the Visual Studio 11 beta that was also released today.

    Also, if you have TechNet or MSDN subscription access, you might find it better to use the links on the Subscriber Downloads sites, as they will use the Akamai downloader (much less chance of download corruption).

    — MCB


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