Windows 10 – Build 9879 released

As I have posted before I am using Windows 10 as my main device on my Surface Pro and am quite impressed. At first, the new OS was bloated and used way too much power. With the second update (9860) three weeks ago, I was pleased to see my tablet go back to 5-8 hours of battery life with impressive power savings when docked while on battery. Well, in all its awesomeness, it looks like we have another update to test out!

If you are part of the fast track, you started receiving the newest build (9879) on the 12th. If you are part of the slower track, you should start seeing the build in the next week or so. There are some nice enhancements and I cant wait to play with this and give my feedback. If you are running this in an enterprise, you may want to put yourself on the slow track until they work out some of the bugs with the new build. The following are the current known bugs:

Some known problems:

As with the last build, you’re getting hot-off-the-presses code which means there are a few issues. We’ll be publishing WU updates shortly to fix the first two, but the remainder will not be fixed for 9879.

  • In some cases you may get a black screen when trying to log-in or unlock. The only option is to hold the power button to hard reboot.
  • You will be unable to connect to Distributed File System network locations.
  • Some systems may see disk growth of 20GB+ due to driver install duplication. On systems with low disk space this can block setup and cause a rollback to the previous build.
  • Skype calls will disconnect and Music will stop playing if those apps are minimized.
  • There are several known issues with screen sharing with Lync.

You can find out more at the Windows Blog (

Jason Condo
Principle Consultant

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