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SharePoint 2016 Preview Installation – Step 3 Configure Database Issue

I had trouble on SharePoint Configuration “Step 3 – Configure Database” when installing the SharePoint 2016 Preview on a single developer VM. Step 3 never completed its processing after running for 8+ hours. Here’s my work around: Disable UAC via the registry setting and reboot. Use the New-SPConfigurationDatabase powershell script to create the configdb. Run PSConfigUI …

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SharePoint 2013 Search Results Not Returned – Alternative Access Mappings (AAM)

Worked through a search issue last week.  Hope this post helps to give some guidance. We had a Default Zone URL called http://foo It was extended to FBA on the Internet Zone with URL called http://bar We configured a content source that crawled the Internet Zone, i.e. we crawled http://bar. Here are the results: http://foo

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Variations Not Working After SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 Upgrade

A customer had a SharePoint 2010 site collection that we upgraded to SharePoint 2013. The variation pages propagation jobs were set to run every three minutes. The publish of an existing page in the variation root caused a “Started…Finished” propagation log entry with no information about the child variations: Page update variations was automatically started …

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