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Windows 2012 – Active Directory Basic Install

Below is a basic Active Directory installation for Windows 2012. The installation is a stand alone Active Directory infrastructure in which there is no current Active Directory domain in the environment. Open Server Manager: Select Add Roles and Features from the Configure this local server. Select next: Select Role Based Feature, Select Next Select a …

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FIM 2010 with Exchange 2010 Configuration for provisioning

FIM 2010 with Exchange 2010 Configuration for provisioning FIM 2010 can help provision users account while creating Exchange 2010 mail account. With this process below, we will see how FIM 2010 can create Exchange mailboxes when accounts are created in FIM 2010. FIM Synchronization Service Manager: In FIM 2010 Synchronization Service make sure to enable Exchange 2010 Rule Extension: …

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FIM 2010 – User RCDC to Add User to Groups

In FIM 2010, there is no way to use the current RCDC (Resource Control Display Configuration) to create a “user” interface, not group interface, that will allow a user to be added to a group. The current out-of-the-box interface for FIM only allows for group interfaces to be used for adding users to specific groups. In the world of …

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