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Simple Augmented Browsing for Website Development and Troubleshooting

Often times developers face the challenge of quickly making a few trivial changes to an existing website just to see how a change of an image or a css style would look. We can make these changes in a development environment, no problem there. But what if you have to do it to a live …

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Adding All Services to an Existing Office 365 User License

When working with our clients, we often find that they have enabled only some of the services within an Office 365 license.  Some companies, for example, may enable E3 licenses for a subset of users, but they don’t enable Lync Online.  While it’s very easy to add a service from within the Office 365 Admin …

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Powershell – Get started with the low-hanging fruit

Much has been written about PowerShell (PS) cmdlets, whether they be the new ones available in v3, the Quest tools, those built into various products like SQL Server and Citrix XenDesktop, or the PSCX community extensions (to name just a few). These cmdlets are great, but don’t forget that PS is an object-oriented, interpreted scripting …

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Confirming Basic Domain Controller Connectivity Through VBScript

On a recent domain migration project, the customer requested that the automated migration process being created would included a check for access to a domain controller for the current domain and for the new domain. In this customer’s environment, the vast majority of clients were Windows XP Professional machines without PowerShell deployed. Thus, the customer …

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